The Science behind the formula

The Spherical Path

(for our purposes a spherical concept includes all types of spheroid shapes)

Travelling around the surface of a sphere without diversions will eventually bring one back to the starting point.

Spherical PathsYour spherical path may have many diversions.  Looking at the image shown here, each point could be a diversion which can take you in a variety of directions.

In addition, the diversion could have many levels.


Spherical LevelsA diversion could go down a level into the sphere or could go up a level extending the sphere. Each diversion can combine any movement inside, outside or around the sphere.

This indicates that the spherical path can expand, contract and diverge which would give the appearance of infinity.  Infinity is required and /or is equivalent to eternity.

Therefore, Eternity (E) is equal to a spherical path (Sp) plus divergence (d).  This gives us the formula for eternity as: