What should a Sphericalist believe?

Well, you can believe whatever you like, just don’t expect people to agree with you.

Here are a few rules, well I say rules, but I mean suggestions.

SPHERICALISM doesn’t promise you a hereafter or eternal damnation.  There are no clerics, monks, priests, vicars, bishops, cardinals, popes or any religious leaders to abuse you. There is no hierarchy to fill you full of false hopes or scare you into doing what they preach. The rules, such as they are, have been postulated by me and are more like suggestions that are always up for discussion.

A SPHERICALIST should have no firm ideas on what makes a better life for people.  They may have different needs to us that will drive them in some direction (a diversion on the spherical path) but they should not expect everyone to take their ideas on board.

A SPHERICALIST should follow their own path without making unacceptable demands on others. Allow your path to flow naturally and keep an open mind.  Make your decisions based on your own experience and don’t blame others if your decisions take you down a diverted path that is unintended.

A SPHERICALIST should provide guidance, comfort and laughter to others where appropriate and mind their own business when necessary.  Remember, your path follows your decisions, and this also applies to non Sphericalists too.

A SPHERICALIST can identify people that need to be treated with contempt and do so. Not everyone will be deserving of your attention and it is only right that they should know that.

A SPHERICALIST would acknowledge human rights and equality on their path.  However, they should also see the stupidity of taking things too far in this respect. Personal values are important, but some people will take the piss.

A SPHERICALIST should not be afraid of offending others but will exercise discretion. For example, they would not be deliberately hurtful to someone who through no fault of their own finds themselves in a position to be offended. However, consider the previous rule.

SPHERICALISM is not perfect, that is not the plan or aim of the system. Don’t try to be perfect, you will fail.

A SPHERICALIST will consider logic to be their guide while avoiding facts. Give some thought to your path and the path of your friends and family.

A SPHERICALIST will consider the guiding lights of Spericalism as presented here and then form their own opinions.  This is not optional unless you want it to be.